Inspiration for your soul

Skills for life

Yoga and Meditation


Connect to a constant source of peace and calm through tangible tools.



Receive the nourishment you deserver by releasing stored stress in your body.

Life Coaching


Take control of your mind today and change your reality



Honor the parts of your journey you can control while understanding the greater alchemy.


I would be honored to support you on your path toward redirecting your destiny.

You have all the answers.
I will help you access them to find the treasure in your trials.

In what feels like the busy blur of life, I understand how it feels to wake up and find that your daily actions do not align with your ultimate goals and desires. I also understand how difficult it can be to see a clear way through the demands of life. 

Here’s the thing: the cause of your limitations may not be east to identify.

Why? What’s limiting you is not in your conscious mind, but in your unconscious mind. 

Together, we can access your unconscious mind and plug into the power of the universe, which is always in full support of you now and in every moment.

  • By learning how to stop overusing your adrenaline to bring your body and mind back into a state of balance, you will be able to find grace in even the hardest moments of difficulty and loss. 


  • By recognizing and owning your responsibility and power in any situation, you will find yourself less reactive to the inevitable stresses of life.


I will help you to open yourself to the greater good and purpose that any current challenge is offering to you.

Living My Dream By Helping People Achieve Balance

Hi, I’m Carissa. I believe that we are all on a path that is paved with guiding lights and I would be both honored and humbled to be your next guiding light. 

I’ve been a yoga teacher, life mastery coach, massage therapist, and fertility specialist for almost twenty years. Drawing on these various skills through my own challenges and losses, I have connected to a constant source of peace and calm and am led to help others do the same. With my keen sense of insight and perception, I will help you learn (or relearn) to trust in your own intuition. Allow me to utilize my ability to view your highest self and guide you to the same vision, and an embodiment of that self and life.


"Meeting Carissa Spada was life changing for me...
The exact moment I met her, I felt a connection between us. I knew I had found the person who would help me to find my core emotional and physical strength again. And I was so right. Carissa’s skills as a teacher and coach, her ability to join me where I was and her compassion made all the difference and brought me to a place of peace and power once again."

"Carissa’s style is particularly inviting and inspiring...
Her yoga classes taught me about the broader role yoga can play in balancing my life, stretched and strengthened my body and also bathed me in a feeling of well-being that lasted long beyond the class. She is a wonderful “advanced” teacher but she’s also my first choice to inspire beginners."

"Carissa’s yoga classes are a godsend during the fertility journey...
She has a gift for helping you sort out the very complex emotions the process and it is very easy to get into the flow. She has helped me to understand and learn that there can be beauty and grace to bringing your baby earthside. Her support has empowered me to own my fertility journey."

It’s Up To You To Take The Next Step

If you’re ready to take control of your life, contact me today  You’ve got nothing to lose and a lifetime of peace to gain. I’ll see you on the other side.