What people are saying about Carissa

"My work with Carissa has truly been a gift. She embodies a wonderful balance of compassion and wisdom. Not only does she create a safe space for healing, she provides many helpful tools to use along the way."

"Meeting Carissa Spada was life changing for me. The exact moment I met her, I felt a connection between us. I knew I had found the person who would help me to find my core emotional and physical strength again. And I was so right. Carissa’s skills as a teacher and coach, her ability to join me where I was and her compassion made all the difference and brought me to a place of peace and power once again."

"I am delighted to provide a review of Carissa and her work. She is committed to the personal success of her clients. She gets to know them, listens, assesses and develops a plan for personal success. She keeps you focused and provides the individual attention needed to stay the course..."

"Carissa’s style is particularly inviting and inspiring, both friendly and challenging in the best way. Her yoga classes taught me about the broader role yoga can play in balancing my life, stretched and strengthened my body and also bathed me in a feeling of well-being that lasted long beyond the class. She is a wonderful “advanced” teacher but she’s also my first choice to inspire beginners."

"Carissa has infinite patience. She communicates terrifically with students, guiding them with great clarity. She understands the spiritual part of yoga but uses a down-to-earth manner to help us meet the physical challenges of the practice while still arriving at the spiritual; not as easy task when dealing with the western mind. Carissa is an understated master. She has considerable people skills which help fashion a bridge between teacher and students. I believe she is the ideal person to help yoga students make gains in all aspects of their practice and life."

"Carissa is a talented, inspired teacher who blends movement with the best of mindfulness, affirmation, and other data-driven practices into every hour. She offers challenge to those so inclined (try her Hot Yoga or Yoga for Weight Loss workshops if you dare) as well as gentle and restorative sessions. I recommend her to friends as well as clients, and she led a private class that I hosted which was beyond compare. Her gentle voice follows me off the mat and throughout my day, reminding me that the choices, and the practice, are entirely mine. Carissa is simply my favorite."