In my almost 20 years as a coach and yoga teacher, I have discovered that community and group work is the most powerful, long-lasting, deep, and delightful path to radical healing and thriving. 

Join me and a community of like-minded seekers for a day, weekend, or extended series, and witness the seismic shifts that are possible when we hold loving-kind, intentional space for each other.

Workshop Offerings: 

  • Group Life Coaching 
    • Topics include: grief, intuition, boundary-setting, catastrophic thinking, stress reduction, self-care, gratitude, manifestation, weight-loss, and foundations for wellness
  • Weekend Women’s Wellness Retreat
  • Optimal Fertility Yoga Series
  • Yoga for Weight Loss Series
  • Optimal Health Workshop
  • Optimizing Fertility Through Wellness and Beyond
  • Couples Workshop
  • Restorative Yoga Workshop
  • Vision Board Workshop
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop/Classes
  • Yoga for Grief
  • Yoga Classes- Private, Group and Series
    • Including private groups (bridal party yoga, birthday and other milestone yoga, intro to yoga for you and your friends, or customized classes)
  • Lectures/Speeches on wellness topics to various groups, businesses and organizations.